Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's on my mind---

Yesterday, I suffered the frustration of typing a really long blog about my recent trip to Costa Rica, only to find that most of it had disappeared into some unknown location in cyberspace. Best to deal with it in the same way I deal with other disappointments and move on. Lorna has been gone since early morning in an errand of mercy---taking a friend to the dentist and the weather is horrible---slushy snow added to the icy mess that is left from last week's storm. If I took my car out to go to the gym, I wouldn't have a place to park when I got back. With my mind empty today of ideas or ambition, I had best sign off and hope that something comes along to excite the fading embers of my mental inventory.------Warren

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  1. .. fading embers of your mental inventory, gorgeous. . how about kayaking in the mangroves? and leaves as big as a man of six feet in height? and snorkeling in warm water while the rest of us at home shoveled 24 inches of wet, heavy snow. . missing you both tremendously? Your face glowed as you spoke of your trip, during yet another mission of mercy for yours truly. . .ahh to glow like that takes embers of another sort!