Monday, May 23, 2011


as risible and 0ldfashioned in the coming changed reality as the former strictures that defined professionals. The rules about what constitutes a banned substance are arbitrary of necessity and can only lead to endless parsing. We all want to be the best we can be and most of us will take whatever is available to achieve that end. I would choose broccoli over jelly doughnuts and I take DHEA twice a day. The prosecutors who are driving these cases are like predators who feed off of those they destroy. A few OJ juries would right the balance.

What's on my mind---

The sanctimonious are at it again and this time Lance Armstrong is the target. I watched 60 minutes last night report on the latest and most serious attempt to destroy another prominent athlete for what they call 'doping' which is defined as the illegitimate use of some performance enhancing substance or drug as they prefer to say. The pejorative language is meant to persuade us that these are bad people who are not deserving of the prizes they have won, but it has not persuaded me. I remember so many of our great athletes of the past who were stripped of their laurels for having sometime in their past careers, received some truly insignificant present that sinned against the purity of the Amateur ideal. I believe that the current ' doping scandals' will someday seem