Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What's on my mind---

This morning's papers printed information just released by the census bureau bureau that updates our knowledge of the society that we live in. I was pleased to learn that it validated what I had always suspected, that Chelsea is the most ethnically diverse city in the commonwealth with 38% of its population foreign born. Overall, the state average, 14.1% compared favorably to the national average of 12.4%. Immigrants bring a hybrid vitality to our country and without them we rapidly become an inbred and sterile society. What most impressed me the first time I was ever in London was the tremendous energy of the city which seemed to reside principally in its ethnic enclaves. As the seat of what was once an empire on which the sun never set , it drew people from every part of the world and it was enriched by them. I wish that the current crop of xenophobes and ideologues that constitute today's republican party had the intelligence to understand this and I am especially disappointed that our Senator, Scott Brown has announced that he will vote against the Dream Act that will give children who were brought here as babies and lived their entire lives knowing no other country, some parity with their classmates. Brown's position is unconscionable and I would not be surprised to learn that he likes to kick puppies also. I will work to defeat him.


  1. Oh, I've been meaning to write to Scott Brown about the dream act....fat chance that it will be passed, much as I'd like it to be...
    and Chelsea has 7 and one half residents per household, a very high, I think the highest, number...

  2. What? A mere 38%?! (of those who bothered to fill out the census!) Posh! I tell you! I'll be looking into 'The Dream Act' now, stirred my pot! A very important topic for my column, thanks!